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Implementation Partners LLC exists to inspire every leader to transform their organizations and deliver exceptional business results by developing efficient and effective processes and giving every employee a chance to contribute their best work on an engaged, sustainable, winning team.

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We’re pleased to share our recent webinar on The Joy of Lean that was sponsored by the American Society for Quality’s Lean Enterprise Division (ASQ LED). Packed full of stories and real examples, it makes a great case for the value of a Lean Culture.

Results. Delivered.

Implementation Partners tailors our approach for each of our clients to help them deliver improved results. Whether streamlining transaction processing for a financial services company, teaching a medical device manufacturer’s laboratory process consultants how to apply Lean concepts for their customers, or helping a utility company align its project portfolio with its business strategy, we serve a variety of organizations in many industries with the single goal of helping them perform better.

Since 1994 we have helped our clients drive over $400 million in financial impact, assisting them through process changes, strategy alignment efforts, acquisitions, and growth initiatives that resulted in over a 8x return on their investment (using a 3-year NPV of verfied annualized financial impact vs. external cost) and engaged their employees in positive change efforts.

Aligning your processes, strategy, and employees is the best investment you could ever make!

But transforming culture? Priceless.

While the numbers are impressive, Jana Schmidt, President & CEO of Ecova, Inc., sums up the even greater value of a transformation in culture:

For a young growth company, engaged team performance and a commitment to process improvement do not sound exciting. But all we needed was one team to try. And when that team went through the process, a key leader exclaimed that she had come to realize that we could not have built the process in a worse way. The pain her team was feeling became more clear when the end-to-end processes were mapped out.

It was very empowering to get the key leaders together to talk about what our objectives were and what would be the most meaningful ways we could tackle our goals together. Not only did we have alignment around what we were solving, but we also had full visibility into what we were committing to do as an organization, so that we could better assess our capacity and ability to deliver. Once we agreed on the key projects that would deliver the greatest value, we embraced the same approach to evaluate, design, execute and measure our results. It achieved predictable success and the teams learned repeatable ways to approach business process improvement within their own areas on an ongoing basis. 

We want to create a culture where employees can thrive in line with our values of collaboration, agility, responsibility, and passion. Our employees love energy and sustainability and want to be the best at driving down cost and consumption, and doing that in a consistent, repeatable, and high quality way enables Ecova team members to focus on consulting with clients vs. fixing problems.  

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