Rapid Improvement
& Kaizen

As we deploy transformational projects, we will often encounter narrower opportunities to streamline processes, deploy specific Lean tools, and solve problems using root cause analysis techniques. Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) is a team-based, collaborative approach to drive rapid incremental improvement, and it’s a key tool that leaders will need to leverage as they engage grass-roots teams in their transformations.

Rapid Process Improvement diagram

The RPI workshop uses generic “cost action” projects (or other strategically important collaborative efforts selected by the leadership team) to teach client leaders how to facilitate a kaizen event so that they can later replicate those events in their divisions.

We have another variant that teaches fundamentals of Lean using case studies and simulations. Both course variants focus on group facilitation techniques and follow a set of simple steps to accomplish a specific, narrow improvement objective with a team of representative participants. This course develops facilitator skills as well as a focusing on change acceptance topics.