Integration Approach

When an organization has identified opportunities to integrate two businesses, we assess and align the business strategy, market focus, client retention opportunities, operating/service model(s), organizational structure, technology systems, and business processes. We also provide insights on human capital including Talent Mapping, succession planning, role design, and incentive plans.

Organizational Integration diagram

Integration Phases

We lead a Strategic Integration approach in five phases:

  • Assess the Organizations
  • Align markets, clients, and operating model(s)
  • Define the future organization and business processes
  • Coordinate with human capital and technology plans
  • Close and execute organizational integration

Organizational Integration efforts also often employ Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Customer Journey Mapping to provide clients a key lever to retain and grow market share by identifying and validating important requirements and potential segmentation of their customers, providing both direction and actionable information to guide organizational design and improvement efforts.

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