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Planting the Seeds for Sales Growth

Planting the Seeds for Sales Growth

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Business Area:

Life Insurance Sales Enablement


An insurance sales team needed to streamline, accelerate, and align its processes for enabling applications to be underwritten, issued, and paid


Led an Engaged Team Performance (ETP) effort to investigate existing processes, collect time study data, and plan process changes

  • Concluded that work handoffs and functional role structure were inhibiting productivity and collaboration
  • Reorganized into Agent Focused Teams, each with four roles in a 6-person team that serves a cohort of agents, aligning goals and incentives among all roles
  • Implemented daily measurements and team huddles to focus teams on production


  • Reduced backlog of all types of action items from over 3 days to under 24 hours
  • Daily measures and team structure enabled pandemic-driven shift to work from home

“While we had good people and good processes before, this engagement helped focus and organize the team to reach new levels of productivity, support our rapid growth, and create a more fulfilling work environment. We’ve now built a best-in-class case management team.”

~ Chris Campbell, President and Chief Operating Officer