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Priority Protection in a Contact Center

Priority Protection in a Contact Center

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Principal Financial


Improve contact center efficiency and responsiveness for clients


Applied an innovative work concept to improve efficiency

  • Analyzed call system data to identify idle and non-productive time
  • Changed call and email coverage assignments to increase phone coverage
  • Assigned varying call priorities to give more calls to some agents than others
  • Protected agents are still available for calls, but can focus more on emails too
  • Designed productivity reports that combine calls, emails, and workorders that drive accountability for performance


  • Average Speed of Answer (ASA) improved in a single week after launch from 3-4 minutes to under 1 minute
  • Email response time reduced from 2-3 days to under 24 hours
  • Efficiencies improved by over 10%

“Combining call and email work seemed counter-intuitive, but the Priority Protection scheme works perfectly to keep more agents available when the phones are busy while also getting more email production from the team when the phones aren’t ringing so much. It’s a win-win for us and our clients.”

~ Mark Funaro, Senior Director, Retirement & Income Solutions Client Services

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