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Organizational Integration at WSFS Wealth

Organizational Integration at WSFS Wealth

Project Details


WSFS Bank’s Wealth Division


WSFS Bank and Bryn Mawr Trust, weaving two strong brands together


Engaged leaders in combining the best of both teams

  • Led a thorough Discovery of both teams’ strengths and opportunities
  • Journey-mapped operating models from the client’s perspective
  • Analyzed client segmentation data to reinforce growth opportunities
  • Defined the future organizational design and leadership team in concert with technology, brand, and business strategies


  • Developed a Client Focused Wealth Team (CFWT) concept to align multiple roles into a cohesive team with the client at the center
  • Retained the acquired brand, “Bryn Mawr Trust, a WSFS Company”
  • Combined two registered investment advisor organizations (RIAs) to form Bryn Mawr Capital Management

“We took a collaborative approach to integrating two truly exceptional teams, bringing together the best of both in an unbiased way for the ultimate benefit of our clients. We are stronger together.”

~ Art Bacci, EVP, Chief Wealth Officer

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