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People learn with their hands, not their heads! Our training and certification process combines hands-on training workshops, simulations, case studies, and especially real-time work on our clients’ actual projects to enable optimal learning and at the same time drive actual results. Almost every training deployment is customized for our clients’ specific needs. Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your goals!

The Lean Simulation Experience

Orient leaders, analysts, and process change facilitators to the Lean approach for streamlining processes and delivering better Value, Flow, Pull, and Perfection for your customers. Available in 1-day, 1.5-day, and 2-day versions.

“Best training course I’ve ever attended!”

Engaged Team Performance

Combine process and team performance improvement concepts to implement changes to drive productivity, teamwork, and even organization design. Available as a training event (Data Analysis in Excel case study), or as an integrated, phased team training event to learn while executing actual projects.

Lean Six Sigma Training & Cert

Deploy the Lean Six Sigma methodology to deliver effective and efficient processes, with training courses to orient participants (Yellow Belt), train project leaders (Green Belt), develop experts to drive critical projects (Black Belt), and sustain the approach with internal coaches (Master Black Belt).

Project Management and Agile

Train and certify project leaders in either traditional “waterfall” Project Management (PMP) and/or Agile Project Management that enable quicker and more reliable project execution, with areas of concentration in both Software Design and New Product Development.

The Next Generation of Lean Six Sigma!

Check out our recent blog series on “The Next Generation of Lean Six Sigma” sponsored by our partners at – one blog series, three decades of experience!

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On-site or on-line? Anywhere and everywhere! Our on-site training and certification process focuses “project team training” workshops on real projects, while our on-line options allow us to create hybrid solutions for dispersed learning environments. Combining on-line training with on-site coaching delivers cost-effective learning reinforced with results! To see the courseware, hit the link to transfer to their site.

We are an authorized reseller and execution partner for