Process Streamlining

Project Detail

Transactional businesses sell a service or less-tangible product, and they often have special challenges in driving efficiency and effectiveness. Using an innovative application of the principles of the traditional Lean approach, the Transactional Lean methodology delivers substantial value by focusing on measuring and improving team and process performance rather than simply focusing on equipment. This approach also drives substantial value in the supporting departments (purchasing, planning, IT, accounting, etc) of a manufacturing firm.

Lean Enterprise redesigns processes to remove lead time and waste:

  • Thoroughly understands the current process to identify sources of waste and lost time
  • Applies principles of Value, Flow, Pull, and Perfection to streamline the process
  • Creates a breakthrough change in process efficiency and effectiveness

Lean Redesign fits best when:

  • Waste or inefficiency exists within process
  • Willing/able to assess the whole process
  • The intended goals are to reduce inventory and/or time—work or wait time
  • Willing to consider “radical” change

Lean Redesign Steps:

  • Focus: agree upon the process scope to be considered; assemble stakeholders; understand customers
  • Discover: identify sources of excess cycle time & inventory (remove variation if necessary using Six Sigma DMAIC or Kaizen Workout)
  • Streamline: improve efficiency
  • Control: align “flow of value” with rate of customer demand and monitor