Lean Manufacturing

Project Detail

Lean Manufacturing redesigns processes to remove lead time and waste:

  • Thoroughly understands the current process to identify sources of waste and lost time
  • Applies principles of Value, Flow, Pull, and Perfection to streamline the process
  • Creates a breakthrough change in process efficiency and effectiveness

Lean Manufacturing fits best when:

  • Waste or inefficiency exists within process
  • Willing/able to assess the whole process
  • The intended goals are to reduce inventory and/or time—work or wait time
  • Willing to consider “radical” change

Lean Manufacturing Steps:

  • Focus: agree upon the process scope to be considered; assemble stakeholders; understand customers
  • Discover: identify sources of excess cycle time & inventory (remove variation if necessary using Six Sigma DMAIC or Action Forum)
  • Streamline: improve efficiency
  • Control: align “flow of value” with rate of customer demand and monitor