Fluid Form Design

Project Detail

Fluid Form Organization Design achieves an effective, lasting organizational design:

Beginning with the Customer, to the Process, then the Work and the Skills, finally the Fluid Form;

Delivers a flat, process-focused organization, with the incorporation of measures, communication and effective social principles.

A proven methodology for designing or re-designing an organization using the informed participation of the stakeholders, Fluid Form Organization Design is often used to transform from a hierarchical or functional structure to one focused on the work flow.

But rather than starting with placing people in new roles, as such organizational changes typically do, the approach builds out from the customer requirements to the work process, and then identifies the skills, control measures, and accountabilities needed to run the new organization.

Finally, the specific job descriptions and organizational structure are designed, and then (and only then!) are people identified to fill roles in the new organization.

This design is operationalized with a solid transition plan, effective transition management, and a simple system for ongoing monitoring of the external environmental situation, customer’s needs and expectations, and internal process and organizational performance.