Project Detail

Engaged Team Performance™ (ETP) is focused on radically improving the effectiveness and efficiency of production groups: people who share responsibility for delivering some kind of product or service to some kind of customer, whether in a manufacturing or a transactional/service environment.

ETP drives game-changing results like:

  • Net customer satisfaction improvement: 10-40%
  • Labor efficiency/capacity improvement: 10-50%
  • Cycle time reduction: up to 90%
  • Cost savings: $ millions
  • Employees who manage their own work: Wow!

The key to Engaged Team Performance lies in completely integrating processes, measures, team goals, visual work, collaborative norms, and organization to work efficiently and effectively for the customer and the business.

Engaged Team Performance (ETP) is all about:

  • Capable, effective processes with efficient flow
  • Focus to deliver consistently on critical customer requirements
  • Visual and available data for immediate decision-making
  • The right staffing and resources for sustainable capacity
  • Deep personal skills and knowledge, supported by a long-term development plan
  • Standards and accountabilities for both team and individual performance
  • Cross-functional organization with norms to support collaboration and flexibility
  • Strong, yet engaging leadership that lets the team own the execution
  • Team goals with incentives for team success, supported by individual standards

The 8-step ETP deployment process is:

  • Commit to Change: find a burning platform for change
  • Measure and Analyze the Process: investigate the current process and customer requirements, and measure outcomes and work standards
  • Streamline the Work: improve the flow of the process to deliver value efficiently
  • Make the Work and Data Visible: make the new work processes, collaborative norms, and control measures visually obvious in the workplace
  • Organize the Team: reorganize and right-size the team for the work
  • Set Team Goals: assess team performance and establish team goals
  • Lead the Transition: make a rational plan, and develop the skills, tools, systems, and knowledge to move the team to the envisioned future state
  • Sustain Engaged Team Performance: demonstrate performance over time!

In the end, ETP drives a different way of thinking, both for employees and leaders. As one leader put it during a tour of an ETP-certified area:

“Well, you might think this is a bad thing, but I spend a half-hour every morning to make sure the metrics are posted and the team sees them. We have a team huddle to discuss the current status, yesterday’s performance, and any special situations.”

Heads nodded. One person commented,

“Yeah, we’d never have the extra time to do that data work.”

Just for a moment, I was worried.

But then the tour guide / leader said,

“And after that, I don’t have to do anything special to make sure the work gets done. I don’t have to check to make sure people are working. I don’t have to move resources around. I don’t have to baby-sit anything or anybody. The team takes care of the work. The difference is that I spend a half-hour on the metrics and then I get to be proactive all day. I get to spend the day doing my job, interacting with our customers and developing people.”