Lean Simulation

The Lean Simulation Experience
People learn with their hands, not with their heads!


The Value of Lean

This workshop unforgettably demonstrates the value of Lean by allowing participants to actually take a structured approach to applying the concepts of Value, Flow, and Pull to improve a process.

The class works together to make dramatic improvements to a “real” process, reducing turnaround time by 90%, eliminating sources of defects, and maximizing the efficiency and engagement of the “workforce” assigned to the process.

Come participate in a fun, thought-provoking adventure in process and performance!

Playing roles in a “life-like” process, participants are challenged to:

  • Define their process and problem
  • Identify what’s critical to their customers
  • Interpret and learn from measures
  • Analyze the process for waste, variation, value, flow, and root causes
  • Develop, test and implement solutions
  • Work as a team to execute effective improvement

Our expert facilitators quickly bring the team through that structured approach, analyzing the process and then executing two “rounds” of improvement to create a breakthrough performance change. By the end of the workshop, the team will have dramatically reduced turnaround time, vastly improved capacity and labor efficiency, and completely regained customer satisfaction. Participants will leave with a great “feeling for Lean” after seeing and actually implementing the key concepts in an unforgettable way!

Bringing the concepts and tools of business change to life is not easy. The techniques can be taught in a classroom or learned on-line, but to really feel how Lean Six Sigma can make a difference often takes something more. The Lean Simulation Experience is a fast and powerful way to give people that direct connection to what innovative, customer-driven business improvement is all about.