DreamPower by IP

Empowering the wildest dreams of
entrepreneurs and consultants.

DreamPower by IP provides coaching and acceleration services for consultants and entrepreneurs.

We partner with entrepreneurs to get their dreams off to a great start, then provide ongoing coaching and support as they grow. Our variable investment model allows you to stay cash-positive, and we tailor our approach to your needs, including:

DreamLauncher: Starting on the journey to a new dream?

Business Design: We’ll help you get started by building a dream map that will get you from concept to execution.

Business Initiation: With a clearly defined dream, we’ll give your concept personality through the entire branding process.

Marketing Plan: Our market planning process includes both campaign planning and innovative product development. Brand loyalty is the desired outcome in each component: developing relationships and building an emotional connection between clients and your products and services.

DreamBuilder: Already have your dream business up and running? We’ll meet you where you are and help you improve profit margins with minimal effort.

Digital Communication: We’ll work with you to create a customized digital communication model through the channels that target your client market based on analytics. Our customizable Social Media management offerings are unmatched.

Community Engagement Plan: We’re taking it to the next level by developing a positive footprint for your business in the communities where your clients reside.

Engaged Team Performance: As you grow, we’ll help you create streamlined processes and a culture of excellence to deliver exceptional results.

DreamLeader: Ready to lead change for clients, either as an external consultant or a change-management leader internal to a larger organization?

Partnering: we’ll train and/or certify you as an Implementation Partners contractor, helping you get started in delivering results for your and our clients.

Networking: if you decide that your dream job is somewhere else out there, we’ll help you find it and be a reference for you forever.

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