Our Approach

Whether directly leading ETP efforts or training clients in Lean Six Sigma, we deliver the right mix of results and knowledge transfer.

Consulting & Project Implementation

We apply our expertise in consulting, facilitation, and driving change to implement excellent solutions collaboratively, helping our clients transform their organizations’ processes and cultures to attain and sustain significant results.

“Implementation Partners’ team led 12 projects for our division, with a return on investment over 18:1. Our projects have already delivered over $7 million in annualized impact to our bottom line. I’m a believer.”

Karsten Gebert, Principal Financial

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Training Workshops & Certification

While we focus on getting real business results from every consulting effort, our clients often find a collateral benefit in providing knowledge transfer through training, coaching, and hands-on apprenticeship. These courses combine classroom training with consultant-led implementation and apprenticeship to develop skills in client project leaders:

The Lean Simulation Experience
Engaged Team Performance
Lean Six Sigma 
Data Analysis in Excel
Agile and Project Management

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Engaged Team Performance

Engaged Team Performance focuses on production groups: people who share responsibility for delivering some kind of product or service to some kind of customer, whether in a manufacturing or a transactional/service environment.

ETP drives game-changing results like:
– Customer satisfaction improvement: 10-40%
– Labor efficiency improvement: 10-50%
– Cycle time reduction: up to 90%
– Cost savings: $ millions
– Employees who manage their own work:


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