COVID-19 Battlefront

Our team brings unique skills to the fight

Value Proposition

Our team will apply expertise in consulting, facilitation, and driving change to quickly implement critical solutions for organizations that are immersed in the COVID-19 fight. Specifically, we bring team members who have direct experience in:

  • Medical device product development
  • Medical device manufacturing process design and scaling
  • Healthcare outcome and efficiency improvement
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Complex project management

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The Offer

We are not doing this to make money. Our team will offer our help during the crisis to organizations where we can best impact the outcome of the COVID-19 fight, and we can worry later about how to pay for it. We are specifically looking to help:

  • Companies that are trying to retrofit and/or scale manufacturing of critical medical devices
  • Healthcare providers that need to improve and control operational processes
  • Government organizations that need coordination and program management

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Contact Us

We first posted this site on March 19, 2020. We will update the site as we engage on specific efforts, and we intend to deploy our capacity in the places where we can drive the most impact. We are willing and able to go to hot spots as needed.

Please reach out to our Managing Partner to discuss any way we can help:

Dodd Starbird

303-809-5054 (mobile)

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