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Great Clients and Even Better Friends!

2021 Hall of Fame - David Cline

Implementation Partners LLC is pleased to introduce our 2021 Hall of Fame inductee, David Cline. Our client Hall of Fame highlights relationships that have spanned decades and have driven great results.

I met my friend David Cline in 2005, when a mutual colleague referred us to help his company with strategy deployment and process improvement. We did training and projects together, progressing from Lean Six Sigma to plant cell design consulting. At his next company, Ecova, we piloted Engaged Team Performance time studies and told project stories together at ASQ conferences. Next, we worked with his team at Van’s Kitchen to install new equipment and reengineer their production lines, with yet another presentation at an ASQ conference. Along the way, David forgave me for spilling a glass of wine on him while talking with my hands at our first dinner, and we’ve since had a few other, even better dinners in places like Phoenix, Des Moines, Atlanta, Dallas, and Spokane. Through the last fifteen years, David has driven radical change at three companies, humbly and patiently leading people with respect and commitment to results. The financial impact has been $15 million per year, and his impact on others has been immeasurably greater!

See David’s latest ASQ presentation here, from a 2019 project to enable growth at Van’s Kitchen


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